Azafrán - Creative cuisine to take away




  • Sliced ​​sweet or sour pork fillet

  • Loin caramelized ribbon with pineapple and sweet and sour sauce

  • Pork sirloin with paté and mushrooms wrapped in puff pastry

  • Pork sirloin stuffed with apples, leek and cheese in forest sauce

  • Pork rolls filled with cured ham and mushrooms in mustard sauce

  • Pork rolls filled with roasted zucchinis, cheese and basil in shallot sauce

  • Rack of pork ribs in honey

  • Stuffed rolled veal, bittersweet or salty

  • Roasted stuffed veal

  • Veal escalope stuffed with cured ham, cream cheese and basil with echalottes sauce

  • Breaded veal

  • Breaded veal Napolitana (with tomato sauce, ham and cheese)